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presentation-In Russia

presentation-In Russia
Issue Time:2012-03-25


local government and disable organization of this region know exactly where to buy such device if they need it.  Also we get good experience for making such presentation.

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MP Anton Kurochkin organized in Lipetsk presentation of modern technology for the disabled
At the initiative of Chairman of the Committee on Social Affairs of the regional parliament Anton Kurochkin now in Lipetsk hosted a presentation of modern technology for wheelchair users. The workshop will invite government officials, business leaders and institutions that work directly with people with disabilities. View and test technical innovations were able to wheelchair users from around the Lipetsk-governmental organizations.
20.03.2012, 13:28 GMT
Its technical development in the Lipetsk presented one of the Kaliningrad companies - Observer. It is headed by Roman Aranin. Seven years ago after a serious injury - a fracture of the cervical spine, he was in a wheelchair. But to give up a former pilot did not. Roman Aranin opened his firm and engaged in the development of new models of rehabilitation equipment for disabled people. He began to adapt the existing stroller for Russian cities.The presentation was shown in the Lipetsk-wheel strollers that allow disabled people to climb the mountain, even at an angle of 40 degrees and overcome Russia's far-deficient ramps. Also presented were the universal stupenkohody and special lifts. This technique is at times makes life easier for disabled people and allow them to attend public institutions. Moreover, these funds are much cheaper than imported counterparts.
- Self-provided equipment to get our people with disabilities on their pensions, of course, will not. We set another task. We have a state program "Accessible Environment", in financial planning is necessary to consider the purchase of high-quality and user-friendly technology for the disabled. And this question, together with the executive branch, public associations, persons with disabilities are going to raise the federal level - the deputy said Anton Kurochkin. - The presentation was also present today, Lipetsk businessmen who are able and willing to help people with disabilities.
After becoming acquainted with the technicians went with disabilities to discuss their problems. To efficiently solve many issues voiced, deputy head of the Lipetsk region, Dmitry Mochalov urged people with disabilities to join or create a general council.
- Now in the Lipetsk region has several associations with disabilities. Each by itself, - said Dmitry Mochalov. - By joining, you will be able to work more effectively with the power and defend their interests.