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4x4 electric wheelchair

4x4 electric wheelchair

4x4 electric wheelchair
4x4 electric wheelchair4x4 electric wheelchair4x4 electric wheelchair4x4 electric wheelchair4x4 electric wheelchair
CategoriesUnlimited Wheelchair
Model4x4 electric wheelchair
Update Time2022/7/8
Detail Information


1.      Stair function: Our unlimited power wheelchair can climb / descend the stair forward  ( Max 30°)easily.

No need the infrared sense the obstacle before action.

During driving, the “Synchro moving gradienter equipment” will adjust your barycenter level to the ground. You won’t feel shamble. It will offer you an ease, free action to span the stair.

2. Max obstacle span ability: obstacle: max 150mm in height

Stair: height: <120mm



                       Slope: max to 30°

2.      4 wheels driving + special design PU solid tire (Rubber tire available): it can help you to solve the troubles of pithead, sand, snow, grass terrain. So your action space is no longer limited to flat floor, but different environment.

4.  360°revolving at the same place function, you can turn free at a narrow space.

5. Popular LED lighting system: save energy, environmental.

6. Equip with world’s one and only silicone power battery. Unlike conventional lead acid batteries, the Silicone power Batteries are slight corrosive; possess the performance of environment protection. Silicone Power Batteries offer superior performance, optimized for high current discharges

and preferable enhanced capacity.

7. High quality, performance Dynamic Shark controller system ensures the smooth operation.

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