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off road wheelchair

off road wheelchair

off road wheelchair
off road wheelchairoff road wheelchairoff road wheelchairoff road wheelchair
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Update Time2019-05-24
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The Observer  4 X 4 is a completely  unstoppable 4 X 4 Power Wheelchair that will take you anywhere you want to be. Whether its Snow, Rain, Sand, Mud, Hills or Rough Terrain the Viking 4 X 4 has & will overcome these obstacles and take you where you want to go.!
The unlimited Electric Wheelchair has the special functions, which climbs 25 degrees stair/step, climbs max 25 degree short slope, spans 150mm high obstacle, 360 degree rotating at the same place without moving. Moreover, the patent technology ensures the seat will automatically adjusts your barycenter and always keep you in the same level with the ground to offer the highest safe during driving.

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